Aktualisiert am 15.06.2021

Workout / strength training will start again from June 16 on site. Participation only with negative corona test and previous Registration!

(There is also an online workout offer, see Calendar)

Corona regulations

Please note our Corona regulations , which apply to every sport. With your registration you declare that you understood and accepted these regulations.

  • Negative corona test:
    You either need:
    • tested: a maximum of 24 hours old negative Test result from a PoC test center with (free citizen quick test), or
    • vaccinated: yours Vaccination certificateif you have already been vaccinated (the second dose must be at least two weeks ago), or
    • recovered: proof of a positive PCR test result (Must be at least 28 days ago and must not be older than 6 months).
  • Number of participants: It can maximally 6 People participate.
  • Registration: Please email beforehand register, otherwise participation is not possible!
  • Guest and trial participation: Is possible on request by email.
All other corona rules to expand (click me)
  • Confirmation of your registration: If the maximum number of participants has been reached (and only then!) you will receive an email informing you that you are participating not possible . In that case, you will be prioritised for the next event.
    So if you don't hear from us, you can come..

  • Distance rule: It must at any time a distance of at least 1.5 meters be respected.
    The distances between the sports equipment are marked accordingly in the sports facilities.
    The minimum distance is at all Contacts with other people, if possible too as part of the sports businessto adhere permanently (when practicing contact sports, the distance does not necessarily have to be respected, which is also difficult when we switch to playing).

  • Changing rooms / showers: The distance rule also applies to the changing / shower and sanitary areas and other ancillary rooms. In some sports the showers and changing rooms are closed, then we change in the event room.
    Otherwise, a maximum of 2 people are allowed in the shower / changing area.

  • Health: Please only come to our activities if you have no symptoms of a cold or any other symptoms that could indicate a corona infection.
  • Mask requirement: You must self bring an FFP2 mask. This is in always in closed rooms to wear. This is true, however Not for exercising.
    The FFP2 mask is already before entering the building to be put on and carried until the building is vacated or until the start of sports.

  • Hygiene: When entering and leaving the building, as well as before and after using the sports equipment, hands must be disinfected. The required disinfectant is provided.
  • Body contact: Body contact must be strictly avoided, usual practices of social interaction such as shaking hands, hugs, clapping or similar should be avoided.
  • Ventilation: If there is no adequate ventilation system, we will thoroughly ventilate the rooms before and afterwards and leave the windows open throughout the event.
  • Attendance list : There will be an attendance list that we have to keep for 4 weeks . With your participation you agree to this. Please make sure that we know your current contact details .

Workout (Calisthenics/Strength training)

When? Every Wednesday, 6:45pm - 7:45pm
Where? Familienzentrum Mehringdamm 114, vorübergehend im Raum 305 – Gymnastiksaal (da wo auch Tischtennis und Gymnastik stattfinden)
Free for members. For guests 5€.


We work out naked.
In our training we mix elements of classic strength training and calisthenics - a form of physical whole body training, in which we only use our own body weight. The intermuscular coordination is strengthened and the stability of the body improves.
Instructions by our trainer Olaf.

Admission von 18:30 bis 18:43 Uhr. Der Raum befindet sich im straßenseitigen Gebäudeteil, im ersten Stock.
Please be there in time, because the door's locked from 6:45pm.

Please bring along: Large towel, something to drink (recommended) and shower set.

Contact: (Jürgen)