Not taking place at the moment. As an alternative, we have an online fitness offer (see Calendar).

Workout (Calisthenics/Strength training)

When? Every Wednesday, 6:45pm - 7:45pm
Where? Familienzentrum Mehringdamm 114, Bewegungsraum (Room 101)
Free for members. For guests 5€.


We work out naked.
In our training we mix elements of classic strength training and calisthenics - a form of physical whole body training, in which we only use our own body weight. The intermuscular coordination is strengthened and the stability of the body improves.
Instructions by our trainer Olaf.

Admission from 6:30pm to 6:43pm. The room is located in the garden-side part of the building, in the basement.
Please be there in time, because the door's locked from 6:45pm.

Please bring along: Large towel, something to drink (recommended) and shower set.

Contact: (Jürgen)