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Updated on 29.05.2024

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05/29/2024 – Body Awareness – New course: TaiChi and Qigong.

Our new course with Garrelt starts on June 5th! We will be working on various figures that are easy to master for beginners and advanced students alike. We may be getting a little closer to the goal of TaiChi and Qigong, to unite the wholeness of body, mind and soul. As always at 8 p.m., more info blog

24.04.2024 – FFN/INF volleyball tournament Paris – a complete success

On 20 April, a large international Nudist beach volleyball tournament in Paris – organized by the French Federation of Naturism, the Paris Naturist Association and the International Naturist FederationThe tournament was a complete success with 160 participants from 6 nations and our volleyball players secured 4th place in the “Expert” tournament in thrilling and close matches.
By 2025 there will be a Reprint give, the training for this begins immediately jeden Montag 😉

Our volleyball players against the winners (Team Canada/Poland)

14.04.2024 – Social Thursday: Nudist game night with Matthes

Spring is finally here, the days are slowly but surely getting longer and it's time for a games night with board, strategy and/or card games - naked, of course.

-> FKK-Spieleabend am 02. Mai

13.04.2024 – Water sports possible again

The swimming pool has been repaired and water sports will finally resume as normal from Monday.

03.04.2024 – Table tennis starts again on Friday

Things will start again next Friday: we have found a few people for our table tennis program who will take turns to take over the sports management. Thank you very much!!

March 8, 2024 – Swimming pool open for 2 weeks

After a long wait, the pool is available again for the next two weeks, i.e. March 11th, 12th and 18th, 19th. Unfortunately, the pool is closed again the two weeks after that due to school holidays.
We'll keep you updated on what happens next.

January 4th, 2024 – Naturist volleyball tournament in Paris on April 20th, 2024

A very special highlight awaits all volleyball players and volleyball fans in April. For the first time, the FFN is organizing a major naturist beach volleyball tournament in Paris together with the INF. The tournament takes place indoors in a beach hall – all levels welcome!

-> FKK-Volleyball-Turnier in Paris

December 12, 2023 – Winter yoga weekend in Lomizil

Dear yogis and body awareness enthusiasts,

It's dark and cold outside and we thought we really needed something heartwarming to get us through the winter. What could be nicer than a long winter yoga and body awareness weekend in the beautiful lomizil – of course with sauna! 🙂 As teachers are Eve, Janine and Laszlo included.

-> Yoga- und BodyAwareness Wochenende im Lomizil, 18. – 21. Januar

November 25th, 2023 – Flinta yoga with Janine: Sunday December 3rd.

On Sunday at 10:30 there will be Flinta yoga with Janine again, this time in the Aquariana (very close to the family center).

-> Flinta-Yoga Sonntag mit Janine – 3. Dezember

November 7th, 2023 – Social Thursday: Nudist games evening with Matthes on December 7th

While it's cold outside and people are milling about at the mulled wine stands, we make ourselves comfortable inside - with a Christmas game evening with board, strategy and/or card games - and of course naked.

-> FKK-Spieleabend Dez. 2023

November 1st, 2023 - New ARTE documentary with us: The history of nudity

The ARTE documentary “Hullless – The History of Nudity”, for which a filming team filmed yoga last year, has been available since October 26th. can be viewed on the ARTE media library.
Adolf Koch, the club and our yoga course appear in part 1 in the time slot approx. Min 34:30-Min 38:30. The excerpts about us are really successful and we would like to thank Andreas H., Anil, Greg, Ilka and Maik B for their participation.
We would especially like to thank Anne, who took a lot of time for a detailed portrait and interview and represented us wonderfully.

-> Hüllenlos – Die Geschichte der Nacktheit (1/2) (from min. 34:30)

November 1st, 2023 - Practicing naked yoga as empowerment - Article by Andreas H. in the German yoga forum

Newly published in German Yoga Forum (Magazine of the umbrella organization of yoga teachers in Germany):
Practicing naked as empowerment “You are totally in the moment and don’t think about anything else”, DYF 5/2023, pp. 6-9 - with a special focus on the experiences of FLINTA people - written by our member and yoga teacher Andreas H. Many thanks to Andreas and everyone who contributed to this with their reports Special thanks to Stef for critical reading from a FLINTA perspective.
You can find the article here:

-> Nackt Yoga Üben als Empowerment

October 20, 2023 - Social Wednesday November 15: Stories about and about Adolf Koch, told by his son Helmut

We are very pleased to welcome Helmut Koch, the son of our club founder Adolf Koch, this evening.
This evening we have the opportunity to get to know Helmut and ask him questions. He has also announced that he will project excerpts from a PDF he is working on: his autobiography, with private photos, memories of his father and one or two corrections to the previous naturist and Adolf Koch historiography.

A Social Wednesday for everyone who wants to find out more first-hand about the history of our association and the thoughts of its founder!

-> Social Wednesday mit Helmut Koch

October 12th, 2023 – FLINTA – Mindful Yoga with Janine on 25. October

We are pleased to be able to offer a FLINTA event again after the summer break. On October 25th there will be “Slow & Nude: Mindful Yoga” with Janine. As usual, Wednesday evening in the large hall in the family center.
-> FLINTA-Yoga mit Janine

EDIT: The yoga is on 25., not as written in error on the 15th!

October 4th, 2023 – Therapy pool still closed

There is still bad news about the swimming pool at the Gustav Meyer School. Since the closure due to legionella, the ozone system has now also failed. This time the district office didn't give us a date as to when we could go back in.

September 15, 2023 – Volleyball/Helios already at 5:30 p.m

Because of the lighting conditions, we'll start next Monday at 5:30 p.m Beachvolleyball bei Helios.

September 12, 2023 – Therapy pool still closed

Unfortunately, the district office has decided that the therapy pool in the Gustav Meyer School will remain closed. We hope that it will continue at the beginning of October.

August 30, 2023 – Yoga Sunday at Helios

We are very happy to send our sun salutations on Sun. September 24th to be able to do it again on the wonderful large meadow on the grounds of the naturist association Helios Berlin eV in Grunewald.

-> Yoga-Sonntag bei Helios

08/24/2023 - Swimming and water aerobics are canceled for 3 weeks

Due to legionella in the swimming pool, swimming and water aerobics are canceled up to and including the 2nd week of September. It is expected to continue in mid-September.

08/22/2023 – Volleyball at Helios

From August 21st to September 18th we can use the beach volleyball facility on the premises of Helios (FKK club in Grunewald). So we play naked beach volleyball there every Monday (except August 28) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.! 😀

-> Volleyball bei Helios

08/20/2023 – Sauna splash in early October

Attention sauna astronauts: autumn 2023 will be splashy! After a long wait and longing, it's finally that time again - the sauna splash is over 6.8. – 8.8. back on Strandbad Plötzensee. We are also back with some workshops like naked yoga, Life drawing and Volleyball included.

-> Saunasplash 6. – 8. Okt.

08/20/2023 – Yoga weekend in September

We are very pleased that, thanks to Sebastian's initiative, another yoga weekend in the lomizil will be held. The yoga weekend takes place from 14.9.-17.9. instead of.

-> Yoga Wochenende im September

08/20/2023 – Naked Karaoke at Monster Ronsons in early September

On 3.9. From 6 p.m. the Monster Ronson will open its doors to everyone for the first time naked karaoke friends – and we are invited! You can find out more here:

-> Naked Karaoke im Monster Ronsons

July 19th, 2023 – Yoga Sunday in Grunewald on August 13th

What could be nicer in summer than yoga in the open air? We are allowed to do our sun salutations on August 13th on the large meadow on the grounds of the naturist club Helios Berlin eV in Grunewald.

-> Yoga Sonntag im Grunewald

April 8th, 2023 – New dance integration course with Eva

Dear body awareness fans,

A new course with Eva starts next Wednesday (12.04., 8 p.m.)! A total of only 4 dates are planned (until May 3rd) - so it's worth being there right from the start. 🙂
As always, 8 p.m., in the gym of the family center. You can find a short description here: Tanz-Integration mit Eva.

Come in large numbers and feel free to spread the word! 🙂

03/05/2023 – Yoga Sundays in March, September and December

This year, in addition to our regular yoga and the yoga weekend in June, we will have three "Yoga Sunday" able to offer. The idea is a program of 3.5 hours in which we can devote ourselves to the aspects of yoga (asana, breath, meditation) in more detail than usual.
-> Yoga Sonntag im März
-> Yoga Sonntag im September
-> Yoga Sonntag im Dezember

07.01.2023 – FLINTA* Sauna Swedding at the Plötzensee lido, Saturday afternoon 7 Jan.

Safer Swedding takes place there every first Saturday of the month. Let's go together on Jan 7th.
-> For registration and further information see FLINTA* Sauna Swedding

January 2nd, 2023 – New dates and locations for Yoga X-Berg and gymnastics

Friday Yoga is now in the Great Hall of the Family Center, and begins at 5:45 p.m.
-> see Yoga-Seite

Gymnastics is now always on Saturdays at 10:30 in the hall of the Andreas Gymnasium.
-> see Gymnastik-Seite

17.12.2022 – Advent volleyball 10:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m

The days are getting shorter, just like the time for this year's Advent volleyball!
Look forward to wicked weasel moves, celestrial passes, and fiery smashes!

See you on Sat, December 17th, more info here: Advents Volleyball.

December 7th, 2022 – Body Awareness – Continuation: Dance Integration

Starting next Wednesday (December 7th, 8 p.m.) our dance integration course will finally continue! As always, 8 p.m., in the gym of the family center. A short description (as a reminder) can be found here: Tanz-Integration mit Eva.

09/26/2022 - We can water again

Our bathroom is finally open again, we can go again Swimming and us to Aquagym meeting.

September 26, 2022 – Volleyball starts again

Volleyball is finally starting again, today at 8 p.m. Our new hall has been freshly renovated and is very centrally located (underground station Kochstraße). This automatically eliminates the excuse that the hall is too far out. 😉
By the way, it's also a good opportunity for all interested volleyball newcomers to get on board - our trainer will teach you the basics. So come along, learn and play with us, then you'll cut the perfect figure playing beach volleyball next summer. 🙂
-> Everything else on the Volleyball Sportseite.

09/26/2022 - Body Awareness - New course: Dance integration with Eva

Dear body awareness fans, since last week there is a new course! As always on Wednesdays at 8 p.m., in the gymnastics room of the family center.
The new course sounds exciting and is especially suitable for beginners! Eva welcomes you to the Tanz Integration.

08/13/2022 – Nude hike in the Müggelberge

After a 2-year break, there will be another one on Saturday, August 13th Nude Hike at the Müggelberge give. Marc is traveling all the way from Sweden to take you to the highest mountain in Berlin and beyond and is looking forward to your lively participation. You can also find what awaits you in the Bericht der Wanderung von 2018 read.

07/17/2022 – Two workouts on Friday

Since gymnastics is currently on pause, Olaf is offering on 22. and 29. Juli an additional workout each time.

06/30/2022 – Summer camp is just around the corner

Only one more week until our summer camp starts. To increase the anticipation, you will find the program for all 4 days here.

04/09/2022 - Gymnastics trainer wanted

We are looking for backup for our gymnastics team! Are you interested in regularly offering a qualified gymnastics program for our members as a fee-based trainer in Berlin-Kreuzberg? You should either be a trained physiotherapist or have training/further education and experience in the field of gymnastics/fitness training. We look forward to your email (Thomas)!

03/06/2022 – 3G rule in Berlin

From Sunday 06.03. applies in Berlin again 3G rule:

  • If you are vaccinated or recovered, you will need no official proof of testing more.
  • If you are not vaccinated, you need a daily updated negative test certificate.

Detailed information and exceptions again on our Corona regulations Page.

22.01.2022 – The Nude Blog is here!

As of today, there is a blog with news about us and from around the world. We also have revised and supplemented the FAQs a little.
Have fun browsing!

27.11.2021 - 2G + rule in Berlin

From Monday 29.11. The so-called 2G + rule applies in Berlin, so a current negative test result is also required. Detailed information and exceptions can be found on ours Corona regulations Page.

15.11.2021 - 2G rules in Berlin

2G applies in Berlin with immediate effect. Therefore, for the time being, you can only take part in our offers if you have been vaccinated or recovered (detailed information and exceptions blog).

18.10.2021 - FLINTA Group starts again

After a long Corona-related break and a very nice workshop on the sauna splash, our FLINTA-Gruppe finally through again. The group is a safe & brave space where FLINTA people can feel safe enough to experience or discover social nudity. From November there will be monthly events - always on the 1st Wednesday of the month. Let's start on November 3rd. with Yoga! Hanna, Eva and Ilka are looking forward to you!

12.10.2021 - Splitterfasernackt with Ilka and Julian

The latest episode of the Splitterfasernackt podcast about and at the Sauna Splash is here - with Ilka and Julian being interviewed directly from the Firefit sauna. Listen in, for example on Spotify or Youtube

04.09.2021 - Swimming and aqua aerobics will start on September 6th

Happy news for our water rats. The swimming pool is open again for those Aquagym every Monday and Swimming every Tuesday. Please also note the revised hygiene concepts on the respective sports page.

29.08.2021 - Body Awareness starts September 15th

In September we will finally start again with our body awareness courses. It starts with a solo jazz course, in which we let our hips circle to cool swing and jazz music. You can find more information blog.

01.08.2021 - FSV Adolf Koch at the international naturist run

A small group of runners was not deterred by adverse weather conditions and took part in the 12th international naturist run on Rosenfelder Strand on the Baltic Sea. You can find the results blog. Respect!

08.06.2021 - sport on site again

We can finally meet again for sports!
Next Friday, Yoga, Gymnastics and Table Tennis, start again. From next week (wednesday), Workout starts again on site. Online workouts now take place on Mondays and also on Thursdays during the holidays. We will also stream yoga on Friday as a test (only the teacher can be seen) so you can continue to participate online. Since July 5th there has been Volleyball. Also start from September 6th Aquagym and Swimming will start from August 16th again.

As always, you can find the current dates in the Calendar.

29.05.2021 - Graefehalle is being renovated

As the sports hall of the Albrecht-von-Graefe-Schule is being renovated, we will move to the sports hall of Helene-Lange Schule in Steglitz for volleyball until further notice (still on Mondays at 7.30 p.m. as soon as it will be allowed again). For badminton and soccer, we hope to find a solution in Kreuzberg.

24.05.2021 - Changes in the board

After 4 years of outstanding engagement, Jörg is stepping down from the board. Jörg has taken care of the finances with great commitment and conscientiousness in the last 4 years, has taken on many other tasks and was always ready to help. Thank you for everything you have done for our community!
Jan (extended board) and Maik (C.) (executive board) were newly elected to the board. In addition, Johannes, Garrelt and Matthias were elected to the cash audit committee.

20.03.2021 - We are part of GetNakedGermany

GetNakedGermany is a new initiative based on the very successful initiative GetNakedAustralia- with a special focus on inspiring young people for naturism and promoting body acceptance. We are very happy that we are on board as Botschafter !

01.11.2020 - Sports activities stopped

Due to the current development there are no sports activities possible until further notice. Please refer Calendar for online alternatives.

14.09.2020 - Interview with Hanna on Y collective

In a new and intriguing documentary on the topic of "Naturism and FKK - What is it like to be naked in public?" on the Youth Youtube Channel Y Kollektiv, Antonia Schanze interviews our ambassador Hanna to find out more about our club, women and naturism and the benefits of naturism. You can find the complete documentary Here .

24.06.2020 – We want to become even more diverse

Recently Hanna became our Responsible for Diversity and Equality. We are very happy that we could win her for this important position, because diversity and equality are very important to us.
Hanna is also an ambassador of our community, which means that she is the contact person for all interested persons who have questions about our community, nudism, naturism, social nudity or similar, or for whom all this is still completely new.

06/17/2020 - New ways in the work of the board & new elections

In March, the members' assembly approved a amendment in our statutes by a large majority, which will allow us to move away from the classical hierarchical board structure to a modern, more sustainable teamwork structure. In the past 3 years, we've gone through a remarkable transformation, which had also changed the board's organisation and working methods, which is now also reflected in the statutes .
The new board concept dispenses with the cumbersome allocation of offices and only distinguishes between executive and extended board. The entire board develops an equal and precise distribution of tasks. You can find the new team structure here.
Moreover, some minor amendments have been made to the membership fees. The most important thing: the membership fee for children is now also included in the individual fee of a single parent. Here you can find an overview and here the current Beitragsordnung

04.04.2020 – Online courses starting next week

So that we don't all continue to rust in times of Corona and contact blocking, we offer some courses online via video chat (see schedule overview).
We will start with two yoga classes with Lászlo and Jan.

17.03.2020 – NO sports or other activities for the time being.

Due to the current risk situation in connection with the corona virus, all activities are suspended with immediate effect until further notice.

20.01.2020 – New Body Awareness course

In February you can join our completely new course in the Body Awareness programme! Together with Tom, we explore our mind and body in meditation and through contact improvisation. You can find more information blog.

13.01.2020 - Winter Hike with Sauna Visit

14 members met yesterday in bright sunshine for our third winter hike. On the way through the wild and romantic Tegel Forest, we admired both the oldest and the highest tree in Berlin and explored the dune landscape "Baumberge". After almost 2 hours of hiking we arrived at Saunafreunde in a bright mood. In the well-tempered sauna, Johannes warmed us up with great infusions. In between, we plunged into the cold waters of Heiligensee to cool down.
Many thanks to Saunafreunde for their warm welcome and their hospitality!

24.12.2019 – Report from our trip to the Naturistengehöft

As a small preview of the year's review, here is an illustrated report of our very nice trip to the blog (and also as PDF).

20.12.2019 – Yoga Kreuzberg: New Location, New Schedule

Good news for all Yoga fans! In the new year, the Yoga Class Xberg on fridays will take place at Aquariana (Seminarraum II) and will start at 4:30pm (45 minutes later than before). Aquariana is located very close to the Familienzentrum, on the 4th floor of a landmarked factory building (the Habel Brewery). The first Yoga class after the sports break is on 10 January 2020.
We look forward to many wonderful Yoga classes at our beautiful new room!

13.12.2019 – Lonely Planet: The naked truth about naturism in Germany

On his search for the naked truth about naturism in Germany, John Garry reports a lot about us in the Lonely Planet in addition to his own experiences. Here .

Hands-On Christmas Baking

Nine hard-working bakers came together yesterday to make our own delicious christmas cookies again - from Swedish ginger bread to classic butter cookies with creative lettering. You can taste the result on November 30th at our advent party.

29.10.2019 – Swimming with Trainer(s)

Do you want to improve your swimming technique? Do you want to learn another swimming style? Then we have good news for you! As of October 29, Matthias and Thomas support you to develop a better swimming technique and provide a training program for different swimming styles. One part of the pool will be reserved for training, the rest of the pool will still be available for free swimming. Interested? Just come by!

09/15/2019 – We are excellent!

What a great honour! The Familien-Sport-Gemeinschaft Nordrhein Westfalen e.V. - in the person of the president Günther Hedderich - has awarded us as an excellent family friendly sports club. This special distinction is supposed to express an acknowledgement of our commitment and merits to the naturist movement - in particular through our openess, the consistent implementation of naturist offers, the development of new, contemporary sports and events, a refreshing and appealing PR and media work as well as for breaking new grounds in advertising. We feel grateful and connected with the FSG-NW, which has been underlined by a ceremonial change of towels. This goes hand in hand with the desire to work even closer together in the future.
You can admire the badge with the award at our closet at Familienzentrum. 🙂

Enthusiastic participation and numerous successes at the
LFK swimming tournaments  

Best summer weather, crystal clear water and great hosts were awaiting us on the occasion of the LFK long distance swimming in August at Heiligensee - perfect conditions and our performances in the 200, 400 and 800 meters are something to be proud of. You can find them blog.

Even if the LFK swim at Helios always marks the end of the summer season, 14 of our swimmers took advantage of the wonderful late summer weather at the beginning of September. And there was also a premiere: our newly formed mixed relay started for the first time. Whether it was enough for gold, you can find out from the here. By the way, our indoor swimming has already started again, every Tuesday you can train with us.

03.08.2019 – Double victory and a lot of new best times at the International Naturist Run

On August 3rd, eight members competed at the International Naturist Run on Rosenfelder Strand and set new records again.
At the 10000m race, Marc was the first in the age group 46-60 to reach the finish line after only 37:30 minutes. Only the Schleswig-Holstein Marathon Champion was (a bit) faster! Maik was also the first in his age group (15-30) after 47:34 minutes to reach the finish line.
At the 5000m run Olaf reached position 2 (age group 46-60, 25:12), Julian position 3 (age group 31-45, 18:29), Johannes position 7 (age group 31-45, 24:39), Stefan S. position 7 (age group 46-60, 28:16), Stefan P. position 12 (age group 31-45, 28:15). Enrico with Klaudia and Joe reached the 3rd place in the 3x500m family run (6:26 minutes). Moreover, Enrico reached the 7th place in the 5000m walking competition (38:30). The results in detail.
We congratulate our participants!

17.07.2019 – Nackedei 3: we're inside

On 1.7., the new volume "Nackedei 3 - Fahrt frei: Freikörperkultur heute" by Norbert Sander was published, including a portrait of us with photos of volleyball and soccer (pp. 14-17). blog you can find some example pages including 2 pages about us.

02.07.2019 - New: Body Awareness

This week we start our new and highly innovative course "body awareness": It's all about increasing your body positivity, acceptance and mindfulness. It takes place on wednesdays at 8pm and involves an alternating course system with each course being offered for about 6 weeks: We start with 6 weeks of dance improvisation, followed by 6 weeks of Taiji and 5 weeks of life drawing.
It starts with 6 weeks of improvisational dance with Maik, from August 21st. It continues with 6 weeks of Taiji with Stefan and afterwards from October 2nd. you can practice life drawing and / or modeling for 5 weeks. Here you'll learn more.

23.06.2019 – Nude hike at "Harzer Naturistenstieg"

Our first hike at "Harzer Naturistenstieg" (an official naturist hiking path) was a great success. In the most beautiful June weather, 9 members explored the winding paths of the Harzer Naturistenstieg trail in a good mood. Here, you can find a detailed report.

22.06.2019 – Double victory at the Naturist Run at Sonnensee

On June 22, five members competed at the "Sonnenseespiele Naturistenlauf" in Hanover. At the 10000m run Marc, was the first to reach the finish line after 40:48 minutes, Julian finished first in 5000m in 19:44 minutes. Also the further results are impressive with place 5 (AK40, Thomas B.), place 6 (AK 45, Olaf) and place 2 (AK 50, Stefan S.)! The results in detail.
We congratulate our participants and look forward to seeing everyone again next year! Naturistenlauf in Rosenfelde.

06.06.2019 – We are in the Jungle World

Today, the new Jungle World appears with a cover story on nudity and shame. The main article from Xenia Balzereit reports on the development of naturism since its very beginnings and shows by the example of our club, how a new and progessive naturist culture is developing in the cities.

25.05.2019 – Nude hike in Dreilinden

Despite not really favorable weather, six brave members have found their way through the Stahnsdorfer sand dunes, along the Teltowkanal and a traffic infrastructure, which has long been recaptured by nature. Click here for the report.
And since the area was so beautiful, we spontaneously give it another try to Ascension public holiday!!

01.05.2019 - Devilishly good club trip 

On May 1, about 10 club members enjoyed the spring weather during a club trip to Grunewald. First we went to Teufelsberg ("mount devil"), where we visited the prominent buildings of the former air traffic control and listening station of the US forces. Afterwards, we found a cozy spot for our picnic at Teufelssee. A four-colored towel collection with logo and hashtag #nudesportsberlin awaited our members as a great surprise. Everyone could choose one of them in one's favorite color. Some made use of them immediatley on the spot after bathing in the cool water.

24.04.2019 – We are in the Zitty!

Today the new Zitty appears with a cover story about nudism, which reports mainly about us and our activities and in which some photos of us can be seen. We are looking forward to the response and are happy about this great coverage!

23.04.2019 – New Website online

There it is: our new website. By the time you read this, you'll be on it.

10.04.2019 – Pool closed during the Easter holidays

As we learned only yesterday, the pool will be closed during the Easter holidays. Therefore during the holidays there's no Aquagym and Swimming.

07.03.2019 - Members' assembly elects new board

Julian was elected as First Chairman, Dennis as Second Chairman and Jörg as Treasurer as well as Olaf as Sportsman and as further board members Maik (Member Administration), Björn (Communication) and Thomas (Secretary).

25.02.2019 - The pool is open again

Since 25.02. we can offer our water sports again:
Aqua gym on Mondays at 6:00pm, Swimmig Tuesdays at 6pm.

05.02.2019 - The FSV Adolf Koch is now also available for Instagram

Our Instagram Appearance

20.01.2019 - LFK Swimming Championship

On 20 January eleven members competed in the LFK swimming championship and reached 7 times place 1, 6 times place 2 and 4 times place 3 (results in detail). We warmly congratulate our participants.

13.01.2019 - 2nd winter hike with sauna visit

The second winter hike of the club on 13 January was not only great fun, but also a complete success. Despite dingy drizzle weather, ten members of the club went in a good mood on the six kilometre long way through the Tegel forest. Started at the subway station Alt-Tegel we went over the Greenwichpromenade at the Tegeler See past the oldest as well as the highest tree of Berlin towards Heiligensee. Interesting information on forest ecology and the effects of climate change made the hike a sports and knowledge experience. After about two hours the hikers were able to relax and warm up in the well-tempered sauna @Saunafreunde e. V. The very brave ones cooled down after the sauna sessions by jumping into the Heiligensee. Sports activities, great conversations and cosy get-togethers make the winter hike followed by a sauna session a legendary club event already after its second edition. Many thanks to Saunafreunde for the warm welcome.

Date changes sport
  • 17.06.: Keine Wassergymnastik
  • 19.06.: No workout
  • 20.06.: No Yoga Pberg
  • 21.06.: No Yoga Xberg
  • 22.06.: No gymnastics
  • 03.07.: no TajChi & Qi Gong
  • 18.07.: No Yoga Pberg
  • 22.07.: No water aerobics