Frequently Asked Questions

Adolf Koch?
Our club stems from the work of Adolf Koch - one of the founders of naturism. Find out more here.
Do you do everything naked?
Yes, even if nudity is optional for a few sports (gymnastics). You can wear shoes, a sports bra or knee pads. Our other activities are mostly naked. On our Hikes and Excursions and Trips we're always naked when the temperature's right. At our group evenings like life drawing, karaoke (or nudeoke ;)) or game evenings, we are mostly naked as well.
Isn't the risk of injury greater in nude sports?

A few millimeters of fabric are no protection against injury. Shoes, knee pads or a sports bra can of course be useful.

You are a family friendly sport club. Do you only take in families?
No. We also accept individual members and are open to families that do not correspond to the classic family image.
Can I only join you as a member?
You can also participate as a guest in almost all sports. Here you'll learn more.
Only members can participate in group evenings, volleyball and canoe trips. Further trips are open for guests, but much cheaper for members.
What sporting requirements do I have to meet?
None special, everyone is welcome and we are open in all sports for beginners and advanced participants. In most of our sports you can get support from our trainers to develop yourself further. You can find more information on the pages of the respective Sports.
Corona changes the world and has not left us untouched either. You can find the current measures here.

Questions about membership

How much is a membership
You can find our membership fees here.
What does a membership include?
As a member you can enjoy our complete range of sports - consisting of Badminton, Body Awareness, Soccer, Gymnastics, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Aquagym, Workout and Yoga - free of charge. In addition, we offer you monthly Group evenings (e.g. life drawing, naked karaoke, game evenings...). In the warm months, there's plenty Nudist outdoor activities, from Naked hiking , naked canoeing and volleyball weekends to longer nudist trips with a comprehensive and varied program (Summer camp! ;)) Since 2021 we have also been part of the Saunasplash Festival at Plötzensee, where we offer many naked workshops and our members pay less for the tickets. 🙂
With your membership with us you are also a member of the German Association for Naturist Culture (DFK) and the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI). With your membership card you get access to naturist areas worldwide.

How long does a membership last?
The duration of the membership is basically not limited. You can terminate your membership in writing without justification with three months' notice to the half-year or to the end of the year.
How and when do I have to pay my contribution?
Please pay your membership fee by bank transfer.
You pay your first membership fee when the board has accepted your application. As a rule, as a new member you do not pay the full annual membership fee, but only for the remaining months until the end of the year (unless you become a member in January). After that you always pay your annual fee on 1 January.