About us

Who are we?

To move naked and freely - that's what we burn for.
We are a non-profit and diverse group dedicated to the liberation of our naked bodies and body positivity. From yoga, dance, swimming to soccer, volleyball - much of our activity focuses on Bewegung, as this is a natural and intuitive way of experiencing the naked body and feeling free. We also meet for activities such as life drawing, karaoke or game nights. In the warmer months we are drawn out into nature to naked Wanderungen, Sommercamps, oder Yoga- und Volleyball-Wochenenden.

safe space

It is very important to us that everyone feels welcome and safe, regardless of origin, gender, appearance, body shape and age. Sexualized or judgmental looks have no place with us, nor do any forms of assault or discrimination.

We are aware that the threshold can be very high to find relaxed attitude to nudity and just drop by. We want to actively build a bridge for you, for example through our FLINTA*-Gruppe, where people who identify as female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans or agender have the opportunity to slowly and gradually discover social nudity in a save space. Being naked is great and healthy, and everyone should be able to benefit from it! :)

Adolf Koch?

Our association goes back to the work of the progressive Berlin sports teacher and nudism pioneer Adolf Koch (1897-1970). In the diverse world of nudism and naturism, we belong to the more progressive branches feeling connected to groups like Mobilen Sauna-Kollektiv Berlin or the initiative “Gleiche Brust für alle”.

By the way: Our name "Family Sports Club" comes from earlier times and may cause sometimes irritation. Individual members are just as welcome as families who do not correspond to the classic family image.

Being naked together in a group, during sports or in nature has a positive effect on self-perception and life satisfaction - and is simply a lot of fun! Dare and try it out!

We look forward to welcoming you!