Corona regulations

Updated on January 9th, 2022

Attention, the 2G + regulation has been in effect since Monday 29 November 2021!

Corona regulations

The Corona regulations basically apply to every sport. With your registration you declare that you have them understood and accepted have. For some sports, a hygiene concept also applies to the respective facility (for example in the swimming pool); you can find the information on the page for the respective sport.

  • 2G + rule:
    Participation requirements:
    • vaccinated: please provide a Vaccination certificate (the second dose must be at least two weeks ago), or
    • recovered: proof of a positive PCR test result (Must be at least 28 days ago and must not be older than 6 months).


    • written or electronic evidence of a maximum 24h old negative Rapid antigen tests a certified test center, or
    • written or electronic evidence of a maximum 48h old negative PCR tests.


    • Children and adolescents up to the age of 18 are exempt from the 2G obligation if they test negative. Children and adolescents under the age of 18 who are regularly tested as part of school attendance are generally exempt from the 2G conditions.
    • Also exempt from 2G rules are people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and who can prove this with a medical certificate. However, they must have tested negative (PCR test not older than 48 hours).

  • Registration: Since the number of places per sport is limited, all members must register in advance by email with the relevant sports management for each participation (see the respective sports page). Exception: when swimming, registration takes place via the club cloud.
  • Confirmation of registration: If the maximum number is reached (and only then!) you will receive an e-mail that participation is not possible . In that case, you will be prioritised for the next event.
    So if you don't hear from us, you can attend.

  • Distance rule: A distance of at least 1.5 meters must be respected at any time .
    In the sports facilities, the distances of the sports equipment are marked accordingly.
    The minimum distance must be permanently respected in all contacts with other people, if possible also in the context of sports activities(when practising contact sports, the distance does not necessarily have to be observed, which woulf also difficult when we begin to play).

  • Changing rooms / showers: The distance rule also applies to the changing / shower and sanitary areas and other ancillary rooms. In some sports the showers and changing rooms are closed, then we change in the event room.
    Otherwise, a maximum of 2 people are allowed in the shower / changing area.

  • Health: Please only come to our activities if you have no symptoms of a cold or any other symptoms that could indicate a corona infection.
  • Mask requirement: You must self Bring an FFP2 or medical mask. This is in always in closed rooms to wear. This is true, however Not for exercising.
    The mask is already before entering the building to be put on and carried until the building is vacated or until the start of sports.

  • Hygiene: When entering and leaving the building, as well as before and after using the sports equipment, hands must be disinfected. The required disinfectant is provided.
  • Body contact: Body contact must be strictly avoided, usual practices of social interaction such as shaking hands, hugs, clapping or similar should be avoided.
  • Ventilation: If there is no adequate ventilation system, we will thoroughly ventilate the rooms before and afterwards and leave the windows open throughout the event.
  • Attendance list : There will be an attendance list that we have to keep for 4 weeks . With your participation you agree to this. Please make sure that we know your current contact details .

Guest and trial participation

  • Participation as guest or Trial participation are now again limited and possible on request. Please write us an email, you can find the contacts on the respective sports page.