Nude hiking, Dreilinden

Saturday, May 25, 2019, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Current: There is a Wiederholung the Dreilinden hike to Ascension!

Report from our nude hike on Saturday, May 25, 2019

(Call siehe unten)


Seven brave fellows have come to defy the unfavorable weather. And since we are not only hiking in harmony with nature but also arriving (i.e. with the S-Bahn), we left the agreed meeting point at the Autobahn exit Autobahn exit, instead we were already on S-Bahn station Wannsee hit, and are simply booted from there.

After successfully crossing the 4-lane main road (in a curve!), It went shortly afterwards a barely recognizable secret stealth path (which I could hardly find myself in a 10-second scare second) on the right, the embankment high into the forest. This was already half of the 10 meters of altitude announced for today.

The forest begins five meters higher, this was my way to work for years, and up there I usually immediately took off my clothes and walked the 20min naked to the office.

Today, however, the weather really doesn't mean well with us. If I had breakfast naked on the balcony at eight in the sunshine, it was now bearishly cold and the sky was overcast. So we decided to grumble a little grudgingly, but not wanting to ignore reality, to continue on our way dressed.

(Before this happens, unfortunately, a fellow hiker has to leave us at home due to a water pipe break. I hope everything went well.)

It goes along a tortuous path, the path widens, first a tree trunk and then that Stahnsdorfer Damm to cross (or to skilfully avoid in the former case), we leave the shooting range (on which ongoing fire is currently being tested) to the right, and after 10 minutes we come across a path that I consider to be the Wall Path, but which, as it has only been for a few minutes later turns out that Stahnsdorfer Damm is again, only this time from the other side. I got lost in the forest by 90 °.

We will miss this 10min detour at the end of the day, so that we all miss the regional train and have to make do with the S-Bahn.

In addition, we miss the route of the long abandoned former Stahnsdorf cemetery railway. Instead, we walk on the old motorway route, under the bridge (the Sprayer Bridge) former main line Direction Griebnitzsee, and finally cross the Teltow Canal on the wide old motorway bridge, on which you can still see markings of the old border clearance.

Another loop along the canal, under the real highway, and through the forest, then we finally do Break on the slope of an inland dune (the second 5 meters of altitude today) on the other side of the canal. I have hot tea with me, so I finally lay down, despite the clouds, wind and lack of sun, naked in the sand. After all, it's a nude hike. The sun warms just a little bit through the thick cloud layer, you can imagine, and the better, the more bare skin you provide.

After an extensive snack, I feel sufficiently strengthened to continue walking naked for 10 minutes, until I grumble and get dressed again. We also decided, since it shouldn't have been a real nude hike, on the way back Stahnsdorf Forest Cemetery to pay another visit, which should be very worth seeing and unusual.

The Stahnsdorf Forest Cemetery is very worth seeing and unusual, and also extremely spacious, but since we correctly anticipate that the only exit is the entrance through which we came in, we mainly see it from the outside. The tombstones, which we will surely walk past for a quarter of an hour, sometimes reach monumental sizes of several meters, and are also very impressive from the back.

Leaving the cemetery behind us, we have to cross the motorway again, this time over a bridge. Like the cemetery, I also did not have this in the original planning. In response to my interested question, who would have gone over here naked, I am assured that no one would have had a problem with it. Great, I'll take that into account on the next hike. 🙂

A little further on, the sun comes out unexpectedly behind a longer curve. Yikes, what is that? In addition, there are only two of us. You get that from talking and not paying attention. 😮

The puzzle clears up quickly because it will come four naked hikers joyful strolled along the way. Something like that, they were nimble. And optimistic, because the sun does not give the impression that it wants to please us longer with its presence.

Doesn't matter, after all we are here for naked hiking. So I am naked for the third time today, and we hike almost the entire way back, at least an hour, as we actually intended. We meet a cyclist and a couple with a dog, and everyone is nice.

On the old motorway route

Back at the Sprayer Bridge we discover a drawing "No pants are the best pants!" How true. The youngsters must have put it there because I used to walk past naked ...

This time I don't get lost, we follow the old cemetery railway line until we finally get dressed again shortly before the shooting range. It's easier this time than usual, because it's really cold ...

Another 10min to the S-Bahn station, where we say goodbye, hoping for better weather at the Elbsandsteingebirge and the Müggelberge Hike.