Sauna splash21

Friday 10 September 2021 - Sunday 12 September 2021 all day

Strandbad Plötzensee

Wellness for everyone - Adolf Koch meets Saunasplash

Of the Saunasplash is the festival of the Mobile-Sauna-Community.
You can expect a colorful and political potpourri of mobile saunas, live acts with music, DIY workshops, lightning talks and also loads of workshops from us!
The Saunasplash aims to provide a positive and safer space for people with all sorts of different bodies and gender identities. Please help us! The motto: don't be ashamed, sweat!

So it's time to grab your towel, search for that long-lost bathrobe belt, dust off your sauna hat and let's go to the Strandbad Plötzensee! We will offer food and drinks for purchasing, so remember to pack some change.

Tickets are available blog. For you as a member, the day tickets only cost € 12 instead of € 20, you will receive voucher codes by email (if not, just contact us). Please do not pass on the codes! You need your club ID at the entrance. Children's tickets for € 4 are available at the entrance.

By the way: Help of any kind is very welcome, everyone can participate! If you'd like to lend a hand for a day or two, get your free ticket here: