Online fitness

Online fitness with Marc

As long as we cannot offer workouts again, there is one to compensate Online version.

Neu: Jetzt zweimal pro Woche (es gilt immer der Link von Mittwoch):

  • Montag 18:15 and
  • Mittwoch 19:00 Uhr.

We do:

  • at the beginning a few Relaxation exercises to activate the joints,
  • after that comes a Cardio Part to warm up.
  • The actual course finally consists of 9 different ones Strength exercises all of which are carried out with your own body weight. (see picture below right). We usually do 2 repetitions of 60 seconds each.
  • As a conclusion there is still Stretching.

Any equipment or aids are not needed, only a mat or towel as a pad and something to drink would be good.

Wir treffen uns 5min vorherso that we can get around on time 18:15 Uhr (Mo) / 19:00 Uhr (Mi) can start.

We leave the microphones on first so that it is a little easier with the feedback.

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Example exercises