Nude hike at Godnasee

Sunday 20 August 2023, all day

Nude hike at Lake Godna, August 20, 2023

On Sunday August 20th we plan a day trip for our members to the Lake Godna, a picturesque nudist lake south of Storkow in the nature reserve Schwenower Forest (-> Google-Maps). We want to swim there and hike naked through the forest and around the lake. In 2021 we have already done this excursion with a group of almost 20 members - it was wonderful!

If you are interested in coming, you can enter the date in the calendar, and we will then provide you with specific information regarding planning and how to get there in a timely manner. Just this much in advance: The journey from Berlin (approx. 80 km) by bus/train or bike is quite complicated, so we will carpooling form, in other words: We are happy about car owners or car sharing users who are different take along can.