Nude hike Müggelberge 8.7.2023

Saturday 8 July 2023 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Nude hike in the Müggelberge, July 8, 2023

Even though I now live in Sweden, I'm coming back to Berlin this year to explore the Müggelberge with you on our annual nude hike. There will be approx. 12 km be, as usual, with a swimming break at one Naturist swimming area and depending on the mood of the group, slightly different route in the second part. Your tour guide is like every year Marc.

It may be uphill again here...

Guests are very welcome!

It would be nice if its short by email let me know so that I have a rough idea of how big the group will be (the last time we were around 20 people):

If you don't quite know what you have to imagine under the thing, you will find it here Bericht der Wanderung von 2018. Just come along, it's worth it!

Meeting point: 10:45 am Parking Rübezahl:
-> OpenstreetMap
BVG: “Rübezahl” stop, bus 169, arrival 10:39, moves 10:22 at S Koepenick away.

Then it starts 11:00 o'clock. We'll cross the street still clothed and only undress in the forest.

The paths are all very lonely, so we will only if at all very few people encounter. The only place where you can expect a lot of people is the nudist bathing area, and everyone is naked there.

To be brought along:
- Good mood
- provisions for the break
– Backpack for clothes
- and what else you need for hiking

At the beginning it goes a bit along the Teufelssee nature trail (no, that's not the lake in Grunewald),
then we hike up to the highest natural mountain in Berlin (the Teufelsberg is higher, but was heaped up):
-> OpenstreetMap
From there it goes down again on the other side via a few dangling and over to the Naturist swimming area:
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There we will Break make for snacks and swimming (don't forget nudist bathing suits 🙂 )
There is also the option for stragglers to join (if interested, please report for more details).
The second half of the hike leads first along the water, and then back and forth through the forest and over the Cannon Mountains (and possibly via a small chic trail up to the Müggelturm) back to the start.
Overall, it will be 12km (depending on the mood and mood of the participants, more or less), so that we will be back at the parking lot by 4pm at the latest.

Note: Participants may of course wear clothing at their own discretion depending on the situation.

If you have any questions, just ask fragen!

Behind the Müggelturm car park

Naked walking snake in the cannon mountains