Womxn Yoga

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Familienzentrum Mehringdamm 114

Hej hej!

Autumn is here and we're adding a new activity to our eclectic platter of fun!

On Wednesday the 21st October, 19:30 h,we will have our first ever Womxn Yoga The event takes place in the gym at Familienzentrum Mehringdamm.

We are happy to welcome yoga teacher Tanja! She will be our instructor this evening, and yours truly will host. The evening is to be twofold, we begin with an hour of yoga (19:30 - 20:30), and afterwards there will be an opportunity to mingle (20:30 - 21:30). And yes, of course I'll bring something delicious that I’ve baked. And if you wish, you are more than welcome to bring something to share yourself. I hope that we’ll talk about how the yoga made us feel, and throw out some ideas, wishes and suggestions for other activities we can do within the diversity project framework.


The current restrictions allow for 12 participants. if you wish to participate, book your spot by emailing me at hanna@adolf-koch.de

The Diversity Project - Gender Equality

The aim of this project is to make everyone feel included, welcomed, and safe. Womxn are under-represented in naturism, and many who would like to participate in social nudity do not feel secure enough to do so. Our ambition is to provide a brave space, where everyone can feel secure enough to be nude.

I invite anyone who identifies as woman, trans, or non-binary to join me in this project. My suggestion is that we initially use Signal (a safe messenger service app) to organise the group. I hope this can provide us with a platform to organise fun events, exchange thoughts, experiences and ideas on topics that are near and dear to us.

If you are interested in participating in the proposed group, or have any questions, please contact me!

IMPORTANT: If you want to contribute in any way, or just partake of the discussion, you have to contact me. I won’t add anyone to any mail list, Signal or MeetUp group if you don’t specifically ask me to do so, simply because that would be me acting without your consent.

Best regards,